Casino to dedicate itself

Although at present we have many casino genting available in mobile phones, even the offer is greater for the case of traditional computer sites. Anyway this number is growing and every day there are more casinos available on mobile phones than those that appear for the computer.

The tendency of the players is changing and with it also the types of games that are offered. Everything now becomes a function of the characteristics and features of the phones, their screen, their buttons, their sound and the type of software they support. All optimized for fun from the phone.

Everything seems to indicate that in the near future most of the players will give preference to a mobile casino over a PC casino. This trend is rapidly increasing and it will be very interesting to see what is the future of these, online mobile casinos with the rapid evolution of these technologies.

Boss Media is a recognized software developer for the online gaming and entertainment industry. Its center of operations is in Växjö, Sweden. The company was established in 1996 and operated on the stock exchange in Stockholm from 1999 to 2008. In that year, another company, GEMed, bought Boss Media shares.

The purpose of Boss Media casino softwares was to operate the Gold Club Casino, which was launched in 1997. In the short time, their products were so prominent that many other online betting sites wanted to have their services and also become Boss Media Casinos From then on, the firm’s attention stopped focusing on the Gold Club to become a supplier of tailor-made products for betting sites.

Boss Media casino softwares products are specially developed according to the requirements and needs of each particular site. It offers casino, poker, bingo and lottery applications following the guidelines of each client, to give complete personalization to the development. In 2004, Boss Media sold its own casino to dedicate itself completely to the integral development of solutions for the online entertainment market.

An untapped point of the firm is its participation in the International Poker Network. It is a platform developed in conjunction with St Minver Ltd to offer applications to more than 35 poker rooms. His success was such that in 2007, Yahoo! joined the same in launching Yahoo! Poker. Although the latter is offered only in flash version, without the need for download, the platform offers varied products. In fact it is also available in several languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Greek, German and Turkish.

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