Hemp CBD oil distributors

On February 4, 2016, the FDA directed warning letters to eight Hemp CBD oil distributors for making unjustified medical claims about 22 products with CBD derived from Hemp. The FDA also measured the Sera Labs CBD Oil content of these products and found that some did not contain cannabidiol.

This was the second round of FDA warning letters sent to CBD oil traders from Hemp for incorrect labeling. Some of these products that had previously been identified as not containing CBD are still sold by unscrupulous internet stores.

Exposing fraud is necessary and plausible on the part of the FDA. That is what a regulatory agency must do to protect the vulnerability of consumers. Over the years, the FDA has lost its credibility by marching along with the drums of the war on drugs. On April 20, 2006, for example, the FDA rejected medical marijuana by issuing a warning memo, which repeated the official fiction that Sera Labs CBD Oil Cannabis is dangerous and therapeutically useless.

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