Professional Photographing

Photographing or at least documenting everyday life and everyday, is a modern impulse? They are complicated questions to answer, but even so, they include the reason why food photographer china and the art of photographing are part of something much more substantial – and valuable – than the mere desire for permanence.

The 3 finalist readers will receive unlimited access to the Master Course in Reflex Photography that I teach from the Photographer’s School , along with the pack of the 9 books that currently constitute the photobook library of the Photographer’s Blog.

Of the 3 finalists, the winner, in addition to access to the course and the library of books, will be the subject of an exclusive dedication that I will make in the first pages of the next BdF book that will be published soon, something I had never done before with anyone, not even for my closest ones.

I do not want you to break your head thinking about material, cameras, tripods, spotlights, editing, software. The technical quality of the video will not be taken into account at all. I want you to record it with whatever you have on hand right now (remember to record it horizontally), and tell me why you like BdF, what you find highlighted in this medium that you do not find in others, what feature catches your attention the most in our articles and publications.

Tell me everything, tell me if you are VIP Reader , if you have had access to any of our digital books. Or if you feel like it, tell me about the article that you liked most in the blog. The approach you want to give him will be completely free.

As you already know, each one of these 1,000 articles constitutes a sincere and effortful effort on my part and on the part of the editorial team that accompanies me to approach photography, to stimulate your creative vein and to inspire photos that you did not think you could get before.

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