Treatment of parasites

Take propolis for treatment of parasites, for 7 days, fasting, diluted in water or fruit juice. Propolis 30% in tincture or propolis in capsules Detoxant Review. Take 3 drops per kilo of weight, or 3 capsules half an hour before each meal.

Cycles of 7 days of treatment are recommended for 7 days of rest, repeating 3 to 5 times to ensure total elimination of parasites or bacteria. It is very important to repeat the treatment to cut the reproductive cycles. By repeating the treatment a minimum of 3 times, the effective elimination of the parasites is ensured. The advantages of propolis are: it has no side effects, good tolerance and high effectiveness.

The bark of the pomegranate contains an alkaloid known as punicine, which is highly toxic to earthworms. It is used by decoction of the bark of the root Detoxant Review, trunk or fruit. The bark of the root is preferable, because it contains a greater amount of the alkaloid than the bark of the trunk.

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